Energy Time Shift Module

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Reliable and Scalable

  • Configurations to optimize performance are based on minimizing fuel cost, optimizing engine operation, or maximizing system reliability. Reliability is improved with spinning reserve to respond to sudden load transients.
  • Renewable Integration

    Interface to all control elements simplifying operator interactions for manual or automatic control of the distributed energy resources.

  • Grid Import / Export
  • Black Start
  • Remote Monitoring

    Complete system monitoring using Cat® Connect technology to provide real time performance and health of the installation.

    Technical Summary
    Application The Cat® Microgrid Master Controller integrates the photovoltaic system, generator set, and energy storage system to maximize penetration from renewable energy sources and system reliability.

    Standard Equipment

    • Panel
      • Color HMI touchscreen
      • Communications via Modbus TCP
      • Uninterruptible Power Supply with battery management
      • Digital I/O module for interfacing with ATS and other relays
      • Fan and heater for temperature regulation with thermostat control
      • Color HMI touchscreen
      • NEMA 3R wall-mount control panel

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