DLK426 Delimber

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Product Specifications
Alloy Steel Blades 35.56 cm (14 in)
Auto Chain Tensioning System Standard
Bar and Chain Oil Reservoir 31.23 l (8.25 gal (US))
Weight 3402 kg (7500 lb)
Throat Opening 87.31 cm (34.38 in)
Nose Roller Width 53.34 cm (21 in)
Nose Roller Diameter 40.64 cm (16 in)
Number of Knives 4
Topping Saw Motor 208.2 l/min (55 gal/min)
Roller Tip Saw Bar 111.76 cmu00a0(44 in)u00a0465-3975
Bar and Chain Oiler Automatic
Saw Chain Pitch 1.9 cm (0.75 in)
Saw Chain Drive Links 66
Direct Saw Drive Drive Sprocketu00a09.93 cmu00a0(3.94 in, Case hardened) 9 teeth
Turntable Bearing Diameter 55.88 cm (22 in)
Turntable Mounting Bolts 1.9 cmu00a0(0.75 in)u00a0Grade 8
Frame Length 184.02 cm (72.45 in)
Frame Width 218.82 cm (86.15 in)
Frame Height 244.23 cm (96.1 in)
Mounting Base H-D Rotating Cradle withu00a07.62 cmu00a0(3 in) Diameter pins
Note All specifications are approximate

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