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BH150 Backhoe



Used in typical backhoe applications such as digging footings, basements, and drainage ditches, utility trenching, back-filling, and maintaining slopes and embankments in construction, industrial, and landscaping settings.

“Best in Class” Comfort

Operators can dig, excavate, side-shift, and even re-position the machine and backhoe without ever leaving the seat. Operators can work for extended periods of time, with little fatigue since the cab offers comfort and cover from extreme temperatures or inclement weather conditions.

Manual Sideshift

Sideshift provides the ability to dig close to walls, exposing brick ledges, backfilling and widening trenches.

Productivity and Maneuverability

In-cab operation increases productivity by reducing the amount of time required to reposition compared to traditional skid steer loader backhoes, allowing for faster cycle times than competitive units. The compact package of the machine and backhoe allows the operator to maneuver more easily in confined areas and leaves more trailer space for other Cat Work Tools.

Optional Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines

Optional auxiliary hydraulic lines provide auxiliary flow to the end of the stick to operate Mini Hydraulic Excavator hammers, augers, ditch cleaning buckets, thumbs, and vibratory plate compactors.

Product Specifications
Maximum Digging Depth 3074 mm (121 in)
Operating Weight 1023 kg (2255.3 lb)
Overall Length 2776 mm (109.3 in)
Stabilizer Spread - Operating Position 1716 mm (67.6 in)
Digging Depth at 610 mm (2 ft) 3040 mm (119.7 in)
Digging Depth at 4220 mm (8 ft) 2593 mm (102.1 in)
Straight Wall Digging Depth 2064 mm (81.3 in)
Overall Operating Height 3442 mm (135.5 in)
Loading Height 2147 mm (84.5 in)
Loading Reach 1628 mm (64.1 in)
Reach From Swing Pivot at Ground Line 3955 mm (155.7 in)
Swing Arc 180 degrees
Bucket Rotation 192 degrees
Bucket Breakout Force 3241 kg (7145.2 lb)
Stick Breakout Force 1560 kg (3439.2 lb)
Boom Pivot Height 425 mm (16.7 in)
Ground Clearance 85.69 mm (3.4 in)
Transport Height 2336 mm (92 in)
Transport Width 2008 mm (79.1 in)
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 145-235 bar (2100-3400 psi)
Total Side Shift Travel 822 mm (32.4 in)
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 42-86 L/min (11-23 gpm)

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