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Engine Design

World-class reliability and durability
 - Incorporates years of proven component reliability and
 - durability in marine industry n Medium speed long-stroke engine design n Ideal configuration for dynamically positioned semisubmersible rigs and drillships n Compact cylinder head design n Nodular cast-iron block with integrated ducts for lubricating oil and charge air n Segmental camshaft design n 25° tilt capability in all directions n Engine design based on the higher requirements of heavy fuel oil n High efficiency turbocharger n Cylinder liner, only cooled outside the engine block n Engine control terminal with analog instrumentation in robust cast casing n Connecting rod, oblique split design n Compact module for lower valve drives and injection pump drives with cam followers n Flexible Camshaft Technology (FCT)

Ease of Installation

 - Standard modular design allows for ease of installation and reduced complexity
 - Installation-friendly, due to pumps and filters installed on the engine
 - Cooling water system with simple plug-in connections
 - Full range of factory-installed engine attachments allows customization and reduction in installation time

Packaging Concept

Assembled, tested, and validated as a package to minimize package vibration and maximize component life

Improved Serviceability

 - Large inspection openings allow for convenient access to core engine internals for easier serviceability
 - Core engine components designed for reconditioning and reuse at overhaul
 - Worldwide dealer network with factory-trained technicians means that parts and support are never out of reach
 - Simplified parts spectrum by using single-pipe exhaust gas ducting

Web Site

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Engine Specifications
Minimum Rating 980.0 ekW (1230.0 kVa)
Maximum Rating 1640.0 ekW (2050.0 kVa)
Emissions IMO Tier II
Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Engine Control Electronic
Generator Set Control Electronic
Weight 18800.0 kg (41446.0 lb)
Stroke 300.0 mm (11.81 in)
Bore 200.0 mm (7.87 in)
Displacement 56.0 L (3442.0 in3)
Length 6073.0 mm (239.1 in)
Height 3218.0 mm (126.7 in)
Width 1680.0 mm (66.14 in)

Standard Equipment

  • Engine
    • Motor-driven barring gear, fitted on engine
    • Reversing contractor and pushbutton switch with cable
    • Electronic speed setting equipment with actuator and speed pick-up
    • Emergency shutdown equipment with pushbutton, separate, for manual emergency stop
  • Engine Indicators
    • Gauge board with set liquid damped pressure gauges for: fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, starting air, and charge air.
    • On-engine thermometers for fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, and charge air
    • Electric remote speed indicator
    • Turbocharger and remote speed indicator
    • Exhaust gas temperature indicator
  • Control
    • Manual control on engine, including: control panel with start /stop key, speed setting device, mechanical shutdown device, change over of control functions from engine to remote control
    • Starting solenoid valve on engine, 24 V DC
    • Separate electronic speed governor
  • Monitoring for Unattended Operation
    • Lube oil pressure at full load below danger level – Low lube oil pressure – Lube oil pressure below danger level – Lube oil pressure prelubrication failed – Low fresh water pressure at engine inlet – Fresh water pressure at engine inlet below danger level – Low fresh water pressure in LT circuit – Low starting air pressure – Low control air pressure engine/shutdown air pressure – Low fuel pressure at engine inlet Switches for: – High lube oil temperature at engine inlet – Lube oil temperature at engine inlet above danger level – High water temperature at engine inlet – Water temperature at engine outlet above danger level – High charge-air temperature at engine inlet – Detection of water in charge-air duct – Leak fuel level – Alarm contact for high differential pressure at fuel filter – Alarm contact for high differential pressure at lube oil back flushing filter – Set of thermocouples after each cylinder, before and after turbocharger – Crankcase oil mist detector Control Cabinet with housings for wall mounting, including: – Protection equipment designed for automatic and manual stop input signals, starting interlock input signals, monitoring for the wire break of the input signal units and the emergency shutdown solenoid – Speed recording system for overspeed, firing speed and minimum speed – Start /stop logic, controlled by engine automatic start (optional) – Service hour counter – Optional Noris alarm system, cassette type, designed for alarm inputs for the engine including exhaust mean-value monitoring equipment as well as alarm inputs for the propulsion plant – Optional Group alarm panel for the bridge and with optional and acoustic alarm equipment
  • Starting Air System
    • Separate non-return valve for the starting air pipe to the engine
  • Air Intake System
    • Air intake filter, fitted on the turbocharger
    • Air bottles, separate
  • Diesel Oil System
    • Circulating pump fitted on engine
    • Duplex filter with differential pressure indication
  • Exhaust System
    • Turbocharger at free end with transition nozzle (0 degrees from the vertical and away from engine), with compressor cleaning device
    • Expansion joint separate
    • Separate silencer and spark arrester, unlagged 35 dB(A)
  • Fresh Cooling Water System
    • HT pump, fitted on engine
    • LT pump, fitted on engine
    • HT thermostat, not powered and separate
    • Engine preheating equipment, fitted on base frame
  • Lubricating Oil System
    • Plate cooler, fitted on engine
    • Force pump, fitted on engine
    • Prelubrication pump, fitted on base frame, electric motor driven
    • Boll and Kirch automatic backflushing filter, fitted on engine
    • Pressure control valve, fitted on engine
  • Connecting Parts – Engine
    • Set of connecting parts between flange coupling and flywheel
    • Flexible flange coupling between engine and generator
    • Base frame with flywheel guard and incorporating lube oil sump tank, for engine and generator
    • Set of bonded rubber rails for resilient mounting of the base frame
    • Set of flexible pipe connections
  • Tools
    • Set of tools for the engine including hydraulic tightening tools and nozzle tester
    • Set of tools for turbocharger
    • Inside micrometer for cylinder liners
    • Ruler for cylinder liner
  • Spare Parts
    • Set of engine spare parts for unrestricted operation
    • Set of spare flexible pipe connections

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