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548 LL Forest Machine

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  • Engine, hydraulics, and work tool integration are optimized to minimize power losses and increase overall machine efficiency
  • Steady state high idle speed and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final technology reduce fuel consumption
  • Larger hydraulic pumps allow engine to operate at lower rpms with increased performance to maximize efficiency
  • Component layout and back-to-back main hydraulic control valve reduce oil flow restrictions and aid in greater fuel economy
  • Machine designed for integration and optimization with Cat grapples
  • Powerful, multi-functioning hydraulics, combined with strong machine performance ensure work tools function quickly and smoothly to complete work faster
  • An increase in swing torque of 18 percent provides added power to move trees, which enables more efficiency and productivity
  • Heavy lift mode features increased lift capacity to handle larger payloads with improved control


  • Cat C7.1 engine with increased horsepower maintains maximum performance under load
  • Strong hydraulic horsepower for efficient implement performance and greater productivity
  • An increase in swing torque of 19 percent on General Forestry models and 18 percent on Log Loader models, provides added power to move trees, which enables more efficiency and productivity
  • Heavy lift mode features increased lift capacity to handle larger payloads with improved control
  • 989 L (261 gal) counterweight fuel tank for extended machine operation and maximum uptime
  • Machine width and track length designed for stability in varied logging applications


  • Boom arrangements and hydraulic systems for specific applications enable more effective road building, loading, processing, shoveling, or millyard stacking
  • New track options meet shovel logging and low ground pressure application requirements
  • Ground saw hydraulics are available for log loader applications
  • Two premium rear entry cab choices, available on the Log Loader, include a 1219 mm (48 in) or a 1829 mm (72 in) cab forward riser


  • Variable pitch, reversing cooling fan maintains optimum fluid temperature in heavy duty forestry applications
  • Cooling capability increased 12 percent for trouble-free operation
  • Purpose built upper frame, high-wide carbody, robust linkage configurations, and heavy-duty enclosures are reinforced with thick doubler plates, extra gussets, and other reinforcements for structural integrity in severe applications
  • Large, 216 mm (8.5 in) pitch (336 HEX), grease lubricated tracks, provide excellent life in variable forestry working conditions
  • Validated and proven excavator technologies ensure overall machine reliability


  • One-piece engine hood design, with two opening angles, allows easy access to engine and cooling compartments
  • Side-by-side engine and hydraulic coolers are easy to access for cleaning, while reduced cooling fins per inch allows better debris flow-through and reduced clogging potential
  • 0.56 m³(19.8 ft³) of storage space at ground level, provides ready access to tools, equipment, and supplies that operators use daily


  • Premium fit and finishes to maximize operator experience
  • Fully adjustable, air ride cab seat that includes heating and cooling capability for comfort and reduced operator fatigue
  • LED lights increase visibility
  • Rear entry cab option provides improved access on a fully lit platform through the use of a key FOB
  • Rear entry cab window design improves visibility for shovel logging and other applications
  • Rear entry cab includes a new innovative cab lock down system that minimizes transport time and improves uptime
  • Tool control software as standard equipment for swapping and selecting tools quickly and efficiently
  • Cat Product Link™ allows for remote location of a machine and enables tracking of fuel consumption and other events

Engine Model Cat C7.1
Gross Power 152 kW (204 HP)
Engine Speed - Operation 1600 r/min (1600 r/min)
Engine Speed - Travel 1800 r/min (1800 r/min)
Displacement 7.01 l (428 r/min)
Number of Cylinders 6
Estimated Operating Weight without Attachment - Log Loader (U/U) 38153 kg (84113 lb)
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank - CWT 989.3 B (261.4 gal (US))
DEF Tank 46 B (12.2 gal (US))
Engine Crankcase 24 B (6.3 gal (US))
Cooling System 30 B (7.9 gal (US))
Final Drive - Each 11 B (2.9 gal (US))
Hydraulic Tank 175 B (46.2 gal (US))
Hydraulic System - Total 285 B (75.3 gal (US))
Swing Drive 9 B (2.4 gal (US))
Hydraulic System
Main Pumps - Maximum Flow - Per Pump 226 l/min (59.7 gal/min)
Main Pumps - Maximum Flow - Both Pumps 452 l/min (119.4 gal/min)
Maximum System Pressure - Implements 35000 kPa (5076 psi)
Maximum System Pressure - Travel 35000 kPa (5076 psi)
Maximum System Pressure - Swing 34000 kPa (4931 psi)
Maximum System Pressure - Heavy Lift Mode 38000 kPa (5511 psi)
Auxiliary Pump - U/U and O/U - Maximum Flow 48 l/min (12.8 gal/min)
Auxiliary Pump - U/U and O/U - Maximum Pressure 10335 kPa (1499 psi)
Auxiliary Pump - Bnt/Power Clam: Pump Drive Gear Ratio 1.28:1
Auxiliary Pump - Bnt/Power Clam: Maximum Flow 129 l/min (34.1 gal/min)
Auxiliary Pump - Bnt/Power Clam: Maximum Pressure 10335 kPa (1499 psi)
Operating Specifications
Maximum Speed - Turtle 2.6 km/h (1.6 mile/h)
Maximum Speed - Rabbit 4.8 km/h (3 mile/h)
Maximum Drawbar Pull 313 kN (70320 lbf)
Maximum Swing Speed 9.3 r/min (9.3 r/min)
Undercarriage Pitch 215.9 mm (8.5 in)
Track Gauge 2809 mm (110.6 in)
Track Length 5035 mm (198.2 in)
Ground Clearance 774 mm (30.5 in)
Gross Power - 1,800 rpm 152 kW (204 HP)
Dimensions - Log Loader - Under/Under - Boom Stretched Out
Height of Tilted Side Entry Cab 3479 mm (137 in)
Boom Height 2864 mm (112.8 in)
Overall Height 4928 mm (194 in)
Overall Length (U/U) 15143 mm (596.2 in)
Tail Swing Radius 3501 mm (137.8 in)
Distance Between Idler and Sprocket Centerline 4019 mm (158.2 in)
Track Length 5035 mm (198.2 in)
Ground Clearance 774 mm (30.5 in)
Track Gauge 2809 mm (110.6 in)
Width - With 700 mm (28 in) Shoes 3509 mm (138.1 in)

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