A cost-effective thumb design with hydraulic thumb control, combined with wide compatibility with machines, buckets and couplers.

UtilityThumb Highlights

  • Designed to easily handle a wide array of bulky, irregularly shaped objects encountered in demolition, industrial, construction, recycling, storm debris clean-up, landscaping and other aggressive applications.
  • Two position link can be set easily by the operator using the bucket. No tools or outside assistance is needed.
  • Patent-pending alignment system provides visual feedback when pin holes are aligned.
  • Teeth of T1 steel resist bending and abrasion.
  • When not needed, the thumb can be positioned against the stick, out of the way.

Hydraulic Operation

Utility Hydraulic Thumbs are controlled and positioned from inside the cab.

Maximum Compatibility

One thumb works well with a wide range of machine, bucket and coupler combinations making them perfect for mixed fleets.

Good Visibility

Utility thumbs are narrow in width for good visibility. They are well-suited for light- to medium-duty tasks like handling brush, rocks, and construction debris.

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