Robust design, lifting capacity and efficiency put Caterpillar Orange Peel Grapples on top of the pile in scrap handling and recycling. The grapple’s four hydraulic tines penetrate deep into scrap piles and grab tight to move the maximum possible material in every pass. This grapple provides superior productivity and efficiency for material handling operators.

Orange Peel Grapples Highlights

  • Robust 360 degree rotation system makes Orange Peel Grapples ideal for safely and efficiently handling shredded scrap, long structural beams, car bodies and various other materials.
  • The rotation assures quick and easy positioning of the grapple in the pile and over a truck.
  • Heavy duty cylinders work together creating the clamping force required to penetrate deeply into the scrap pile.
  • Low profile allows higher stacking capability and the lower center of gravity reduces dynamic forces to the machine.
  • Tine tips, inner tine area, and optional inner wrappers are made of abrasion-resistant steel (AR 400) for long wear life.
  • The four-tine model are beneficial when handling large scrap like automobiles and the square footprint fits easily into the corner of trucks, containers and rail cars.
  • Tine spacing of the five-tine model provides good retention of smaller, loose material.

Maximize Efficiency

Continuous, bi-directional hydraulic rotation positions the grapple quickly and precisely. The four tines penetrate deeply and grab securely, for maximum loads with every pass.

Built Tough for the Scrapyard

Cat Orange Peel Grapples feature protected hydraulics. The body and tines of the grapple are constructed from high-strength, wear-resistant steel. All cylinders and hoses are housed within the shear body, isolating them from common sources of damage. Mechanical stop and hydraulic cushioning protect the cylinders and hydraulic system from dangerous pressure spikes.

Easy To Maintain

Access panels allow easy access to all service points. Tine tips are easy to replace, protecting tines from wear.

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