Demolition and sorting grapples are heavy-duty units designed for applications involving demolition of non-concrete structures, material handling/sorting at recycling and waste transfer facilities, site cleanup and loading/sorting construction or demolition debris.

Demolition and Sorting Grapples Highlights

  • Heavy-duty grapples designed for a multitude of applications.
  • Open-basket design rotates 360º makes the grapple ideal for demolition of non-concrete structures, as well as screening, sorting, picking, loading and stacking material.

Built For Demolition

The rugged construction, speed (1.7 second open-close cycle time), and clamping force are designed for the high-demand demolition job site.

360° Hydraulic Rotation

Grapple is equipped with a hydraulic rotator, capable of spinning the grapple a full 360° in four seconds. The operator can precisely position the grapple at any angle to easily grasp irregularly-shaped loads, or precisely pick and sort material from a pile.

Replaceable Wear Plates

Cutting edges feature bolt-on, reversible wear plates of Hardox 500 steel. These long-wearing plates can be rotated 180 degrees for double the normal amount of service life before needing to be replaced.

Bolt-on Mounting Brackets

The grapple is equipped with a bolt-on mounting bracket, allowing for the unit to be easily adapted to work with multiple machine linkages.

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