Prentice felling heads for wheel feller bunchers are designed for severe harvesting conditions. Shear heads and high capacity bunching saws are designed with large shafts and bearings for long life.


Prentice Felling Heads excel at cutting and handling large single stems. They also bunch medium and small stems, making them versatile saws for thinning through final harvesting.The gathering arms and tower work together to grip and tightly hold large single stems and smaller stem bunches for better control. A single cylinder and link control the left and right side gathering arms and bunching fingers simultaneously, improving speed and holding power. The center of gravity is in close to the front axle for stability even when handling large stems in rough terrain. Hoses are routed directly into the back of the head for maximum visibility.


Prentice Felling Heads support loads that twist or bend the arms of less rigid saws. Large pivot pins reduce stress and increase bushing life. Sealed upper and lower bearing chambers maximize shaft and bearing life by keeping the top bearing lubricated. The shaft is tapered reducing stress during high impact.The carry plate is designed to flex slightly to relieve stress transferred through the welds. Chips and other abrasive material are discharged from the saw housing reducing wear and enhancing disc recovery time to improve fuel efficiency. Hydraulic hoses are encased in heavy-duty rubber tubing and are not exposed to direct impact.


Prentice Felling Heads minimize down time for greasing, motor adjustments or maintenance. With the head tilted forward and gathering arms and bunching fingers open, all grease zerks are accessible from the ground level. There are no grease zerks located below the saw disc housing eliminating the need to grease from the bottom of the head. Two large panels allow access to the saw motor from both sides. The saw disc is easy to remove — the housing is totally open and the skids do not need to be removed to access the disc.