Six tips to help you reduce idle time and fuel costs

It’s no surprise that excessive idling can drive up your fuel bill. In fact, some industry experts say it’s not unusual for idle time to represent as much as 40% – 50% of total running costs. Excessive idling and non-productive hours translates into a lot of wasted fuel and extra costs so here are six tips to help you reduce idle time and reduce costs:

  1. Track and monitor your fuel consumption through VisionLink. This data will give you accurate fuel consumption by machine and by operator in easy-to-use reports.
  2. Have operators turn off equipment when they will be waiting more than five minutes to load or unload.
  3. Make sure equipment is shut down during lunch time and breaks.
  4. Use economy and auto shut down features when available.
  5. Monitor payload weights on trucks to ensure they are running with optimum loads and maximising fuel efficiency.
  6. Complete scheduled maintenance on time as equipment that is not running at optimum performance can burn fuel inefficiently or force operators to run at higher rpms to get the performance they need. Excessive idling can also drive you to make fluid and filter changes sooner than needed.

We can help you establish a baseline of your fuel usage and idling hours using the data from your machine with VisionLink. You can use this data to reduce excess idling and reduce your fuel bill.

Want to reduce excess idling and cut your fuel bill?

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