SIS Web has introduced new graphics. SIS Web is the online parts books used to view parts graphics within Parts.Cat.Com, These new graphic will work in Internet Explorer 11, but Compatibility View Mode must be turned off for them to work properly.

These new graphics will also work in Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.  However, for Internet Explorer 11, you must ensure Compatibility View Mode is turned off.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 to view SIS Web, there are two simple steps that must be followed.

Please follow the steps below to ensure Compatibility View Mode is turned off on your computer:
1. You can access Compatibility Mode by click on the gear on the upper right hand corner of the browser.
 2.  Once you select Compatibility View settings, please ensure, there are no websites in the list of websites.  Also, please ensure “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” is unchecked.
 If you have any questions on this update, please contact your Product Support Representative, our Parts Counter staff on (08) 8139 4300 or our Equipment Solutions team on (08) 8343 1600.

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