Boost productivity and reduce rework

Productivity technologies give you everything you need to accurately monitor and enhance production and manage job site efficiency. No matter the size of your fleet, whether you’re running two pieces of equipment or 200, you want to know that your operators are working as efficiently and productively as they can.

Cavpower can connect you with the right combination of productivity technologies for any job.


I want to load and haul with more precision.

Keeping production on track requires short cycle times and accurate loads. Whether you’re loading or hauling, Cat Connect Payload Technologies allow your operators to track daily productivity from the cab, with quick access to payload weights, load and cycle counts, and daily totals.

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I want to grade accurately in fewer passes.

Cat Connect Grade Technologies help operators work more accurately, and finish jobs in fewer passes. Gain up to 50% in efficiency while reducing material, surveying and labour costs.

When combined with Product Link, you will get detailed information online, a accessible remotely, to monitor your operations and maintain production targets.

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I want more than data. I need useful information.

LINK technologies provides immediate feedback to equipment operators about machine performance and job progress. This helps operators solve issues and work more efficiently to minimize service costs and slash downtime.

Uncover many ways to increase production while monitoring equipment utilisation and job progress across your fleet and at multiple sites.

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Want to increase your productivity?

Find out how Cavpower can connect you with the right combination of Productivity technologies for any job.